Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology

BC Warner Infrared commercial inspectionDiscover the magic of Infrared Imaging technology for home inspections. Expertly trained and equipped, we can detect hidden issues to save you money. What once was only thought of as a military or scientific technology, Infrared Imaging is now being applied in residential applications.

Using the same technologies as used by science, industry, and military, Infrared Imaging technology combined with a traditional home inspection provides us with a view of your property like no other. With infrared imaging, we can see beyond the spectrum of “natural light” or what we see with our own 2 eyes.

Because everything has a surface temperature, infrared imaging technology allows us to ‘see’ the temperature of those surfaces. The images seen are then interpreted and further investigated.  As human beings, we are limited to seeing light only in the visible spectrum called white light. This is the light that bounces off everyday objects whether the light is being emitted by our sun or an artificial source such as a light bulb. The infrared spectrum is otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Without assistance from technology, we are unable to see the vital information provided by the infrared spectrum and surface temperatures.  It is this ability to ‘see’ these surface temperatures that allows us to more accurately identify potential, and immediate, problems in your home that would have otherwise been missed.


BC Warner Infrared water intrusion inspectionThe view from an infrared camera allows us to see and compare the relative temperature of an object or surface area to that of its surroundings. These comparisons can help identify otherwise invisible or undetected problems which can be caused by issues that lie below the surface of a floor, behind a wall, or above a ceiling. The images seen by the camera can reveal problems with moisture, electrical, and HVAC systems, as well as concerns with insulation, foundation, framing, plumbing, and more.

Roof leaks, plumbing leaks, pests and vermin, airflow such as cold air seeping under a door or warm air leaking from central air ducts, all can be detected with an infrared camera. Because these and other issues often thrive or exist in hard to view places(such as behind walls), the use of Infrared technology allows us to pinpoint exactly where a problem area is in your home without the need for any invasive investigation damage to the structure of your home.

As a Level II Infraspection Institute trained Thermographer, our advanced infrared scanning allows us to more-accurately identify internal structural problems, damage to your home’s electrical systems, insulation deficiencies, heat loss, roof and plumbing leaks, rodent infestations, and pest problems. In short, our advanced technology is purposefully designed to provide you with a level of service that increases the accuracy of correctly identifying problems, reduces the time and effort required to fix those problems, helps you to catch small problems before they become expensive or unmanageable problems, and saves you time and money.

Many low cost Infrared cameras can only see temperature variances of 2° C or greater.  The Infrared camera used by BC Warner Inspections can see temperature variances of 0.05°C which is quite substantial in the infrared scheme. This can mean the difference of correctly or falsely identifying an issue or missing it all together. Our state of the art technology combined with our Level II Thermography and Specialist – Infrared Residential Inspection training assures you are receiving the very best service bar none!   Don’t be fooled by inadequately equipped, improperly trained (2 day certified), poorly experienced sound-alike companies.  The proper equipment, technology, and training are very expensive.  BC Warner inspections has invested hundreds of hours in education and acquired the proper equipment (not cheap) to assure our clients accurate and quality inspection services matched by very few others.

Some of our more prominent thermal inspection clients include:

  • BDHP Architecture
  • A.M. Kinney, Inc
  • HKS, Inc
  • Toyota Engineering
  • Hunt Builders
  • Koester Electric
  • Onix, Inc
  • HGC Construction

Some of our prominent infrared thermal inspection projects include:

  • Potter-Stuart Courthouse Cincinnati
  • WPAFB Medical Center
  • Dayton VA Hospital
  • Residence Park School
  • CareSource Dayton Headquarters
  • Auburn Fire Department
  • Millard Refrigeration
  • Burke—Cincinnati

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