Commercial Property Inspections

BC Warner Inspections is a certified Ohio commercial property inspection company serving all of Dayton Ohio, Greenville Ohio, Cincinnati Ohio, Columbus Ohio, and surrounding cities and states.

Our Commercial Property inspections are compliant with ASTM E2018 industry standards.

Commercial Property Inspections help protect your investment whether buying commercial property, investing in a triple net lease property, or seeking preventive maintenance inspections.

As a certified Dayton infrared thermal inspector, BC Warner Inspections can provide a thorough inspection and commercial property condition assessment for you.

From complete inspections to infrared thermal imaging to inspecting individual components in the commercial property, BC Warner Inspections is your accurate and technologically advanced inspection company who will help save you money in your real estate purchase.

Let my experience and dedication work for you!

commercial property inspections
Dayton Commercial Inspection
Dayton commercial property inspections
BC Warner Inspections is experienced with all types of commercial property inspections including:
  • Retail Properties
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Institutional Facilities
  • School Buildings
  • Churches
  • Large Industrial Buildings
  • Light Industrial Facilities
  • Retail Plazas
  • Restaurants
  • Automotive Service Shops
  • High-rise Office Buildings
  • Multifamily Apartment Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Motels and Hotels
  • Historical Buildings
  • And more!

Experienced Commercial Inspections to Industry Standards

BC Warner Inspections performs commercial property condition assessments (PCA) that comply with ASTM E2018 standards. These standards are used as a guideline to perform the PCA, and are widely recognized and accepted in the industry as the premier authoritative standard for conducting a baseline property condition assessment. ASTM E2018 standards outline recommended baseline systems and components to be inspected, reporting methods, and the completion of the site assessment itself.

Commercial Property Condition Assessments and Commercial Inspection Services are based on client’s risk tolerance level, budgetary restraints, and transaction time constraints. Such services may range from conducting an ASTM E2018 baseline, walk-through survey to an enhanced due diligence approach encompassing a team of technical specialty consultants and professionals.

Because commercial properties vary in size, age, and complexity, the PCA can be customized to suit the risk tolerance and time constraints of the client. We will discuss your needs regarding the subject property and provide a customized scope of work and fee proposal reflecting the overall project goals.

Commercial Property Inspections are the strongest tools clients can use to determine how existing property owners or net lease tenants have maintained the property. They help to identify costly deferred maintenance and concerns that may affect purchase decisions.

BC Warner Inspections provides Commercial Property Inspections throughout Ohio and surrounding States including:

  • Dayton Ohio
  • Cincinnati Ohio
  • Greenville Ohio
  • Columbus Ohio
  • Cleveland Ohio
  • Toledo Ohio
  • Indianapolis Indiana
  • Fort Wayne Indiana
  • Huntington West Virginia
  • Lexington Kentucky
  • Detroit Michigan
  • And many other cities
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