Electrical Infrared Inspections

Electrical infrared inspections are designed to assist the homeowner in identifying electrical issues and hazards which may exist throughout the home. Infrared camera technology can help identify these hazards not seen or discovered through a traditional or visual-only home inspection. Electrical hazards are often not discovered until catastrophic damage, fire, or injury have occurred. These electrical hazards will present themselves through high temperature heat signatures which can be identified using the infrared camera technology.

The electrical infrared inspection will include evaluation of areas of the home to determine the presence and source electrical hazards. The results will be documented in the electrical inspection report and accompanied by both standard digital photos and infrared images. Certain conditions within the home must be obtained in order to provide a thorough and accurate electrical infrared inspection. These conditions will be discussed with clients upon scheduling an electrical infrared inspection with BC Warner home inspections. 

BC Warner Infrared inspections

With the results of an electrical infrared inspection in hand, the homeowner will be able to have the specific hazards and issues investigated and repaired by a qualified electrical contractor. This knowledge will prove invaluable in protecting your home and safety.

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