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Clients who choose BC Warner Home Inspections are provided experienced and knowledgeable service along with a thorough and detailed inspection report.

A benefit of choosing BC Warner Home Inspections is the extremely detailed, yet easy-to-read (and understand) report. Client’s reports are delivered electronically within 24-48 hours of the inspection.  The report not only consists of concerns for the home, but also is full of useful information and references to be used for years to come. If clients are in attendance for the home inspection, I verbally review some of the more critical or important summary items. 

Clients have so many things going on during a real estate transaction that there is no realistic way to remember all that is discussed during the inspection. I know that.  I don’t want to cause more stress as a result of a difficult or impossible to read report. Or worse… a report lacking meaningful details. That’s why I provide extensive details in your report to help you fully understand any issues, their implications, and your next steps for resolution.

BC Warner Home Inspections chooses to be thorough and accurately detailed for our clients. As a result, we devote more time to your report than other companies do.  Your inspection report is worth the extra time and effort!

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What is the Difference between reports?

Typically inspection companies who charge less will use poorly detailed “Check-list” reports.  These reports only describe what was or was not inspected, and essentially answer a simple “yes” or “no” question… was the item in “satisfactory” or “adequate” condition. This is woefully inadequate at describing how serious an issue may or may not be. Many times, check-list reports have you searching over and over for a “key” to explain what the inspector checked or what the letter code means for location of the problem or defect.  The use of these “keys” or ledgers are required as these reports typically have little room for additional details or comments. To add to the poor quality, if photos are provided, they are often small in size and inadequate at depicting the actual cocern.

bad checklist inspection report
Example Checklist Report from another provider

Having reviewed quite a number of these reports from other providers, I always find the subjective findings of the inspector to be very confusing. The inspector will often check the “Satisfactory” or “Acceptable” box for an item, then proceed to list several defects for the same ‘acceptable’ item (see item 14 in the above example). How can any item be subjectively labeled as “satisfactory” or “acceptable” if any kind of defect was also noted without further details or explanation? This leaves you as a client asking more questions such as:

What now? 

Is this a big deal or not?

Will this cause any issues if ignored?

What should I do to have the problem corrected?

Reports from BC Warner Home Inspections uses easy-to-understand color coding, icons, and descriptive labels for the report key, placed in every observation of your report. From critical concerns down to maintenance and future projects, the items in your report are subjectively prioritized in order of importance for each report section and component/system inspected.

BC Warner Home Inspections provides Narrative reports which accurately answer the above questions (and more). Our reports very clearly and accurately indicate the condition of the property. 

Reports from BC Warner Home Inspections will state the areas of concern and/or defects, explain why these are concerns, provide site specific digital pictures of the concerns, indicate recommendations for correction or evaluation, and provide active Internet web links to assist our clients in further education about the concerns and defects. 

Our reports will also flag items that require ongoing homeowner maintenance and/or monitoring along with pertinent web links in order to assist you with maintaining a safe and happy home. 

Not only do reports from BC Warner Home Inspections include all the above, but the report is conveniently itemized and ranked in order of importance.  From items that may require high cost to repair or replace, to safety issues, to maintenance items, to items requiring continuing homeowner monitoring. 

Our clients are clearly and expertly informed about the condition of the home they may be purchasing!

BCWarner Inspection Report
Detailed Narritve Report snippet from BC Warner Inspections

When searching for a home inspector, ask to see a sample of their report system.  Face fact, the report is the end product you are ultimately paying for.  BC Warner Home Inspections believes your report must reflect this ultimate value and more. Decide for yourself.  Which do you want?  5 pages of check marks and minimal information, or 40+ pages of descriptive and helpful narratives, with large pictures and loads of reference materials?  Which will you feel confident taking to the negotiating table? 

See for yourself. Reports from BC Warner Home Inspections have consistently saved our clients money even on homes that were being sold “as is”, and have also forced sellers to concede on home prices where the sellers had explicitly stated they were not willing to negotiate on price.

A report from BC Warner Home Inspections is much more than a simple document.  It’s an educational tool devoted to our client’s best interest for a safe and happy home. 

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