Building Envelope Water Intrusion Inspections

BC Warner Infrared water intrusion inspection

Infrared Inspections for Building Envelope Water Intrusion are designed to assist the Dayton area homeowner in identifying water intrusion and related issues within the Home. 

Infrared camera technology can help identify areas not seen through visual-only inspection.

Water is the enemy inside a home and will create conducive conditions for rapid mold growth as well as wood destroying insect activity. Sudden and unidentified musty odors may be a result of water intrusion or chronic wet conditions within wall cavities.

Until only recently, the only way to identify these hidden issues was to remove interior finished walls for further investigation or make guesses about where the water was coming from and how to correct it.  

Now infrared technology can help to identify these problems without being destructive or invasive.

This inspection will include evaluation of the home to determine the presence and potential source of water. The results will be documented in the inspection report and accompanied by both standard digital photos and infrared images (also known as thermograms). Certain conditions within the home must be obtained in order to provide a thorough infrared inspection for water intrusion. These conditions will be discussed with clients upon scheduling a water intrusion inspection with BC Warner home inspections.

With the results of the inspection in hand, the homeowner will be able to better address the issues and repair the affected areas. This knowledge will prove invaluable in protecting your home and health.

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BC Warner Infrared inspections
BC Warner Infrared inspection

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